Every business has unfinished projects collecting dust on the shelf. Projects that could really improve your operations and save money, but they require time you don’t have or knowledge outside your expertise. 

That’s where On The Shelf Opportunities (OTSO) comes in.

OTSO founder Olaf Dijkstra takes organizational wishlists and to-do lists off the shelf and turns them into reality.
With energy, enthusiasm and 25 years of experience activating and completing projects for a range of industries, Olaf dives in and jumpstarts projects that small and medium-sized companies might not otherwise get around to.

OTSO helps you realize savings, profits and efficiencies by managing projects such as: 

  • Event planning and organizing
  • Workflow management
  • Interim sales
  • Market and product research 
  • Partnership liaising and networking

If it’s something your business has been trying to get around to for a while, chances are Olaf can step in and help make it happen. LEARN MORE

So, ask yourself:

  • What projects have I been putting off? 
  • What system would make the business run more smoothly? 
  • What could we be doing better?

Call or email me for a free initial consultation:
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 “Things don’t have to change the world to be important.” – Steve Jobs