About me

Some professions are clearly defined, such as a piano tuner, but that wasn’t my path. I’ve always had the curiosity and drive to be active in various jobs and industries.

I’ve been able to assist multiple SMEs with sales, translation work, procedure development, market research, and travel coordination.

12 years in Canada

That curiosity and drive also led me to embark on a new adventure in 2011 by immigrating to Canada, in the province of British Columbia. Starting anew in a different country, with a different corporate culture and a different language, was truly a challenge.

I’ve learned a lot here, but more importantly, I’ve seen a lot. After two jobs, I started On the Shelf Opportunities (OTSO) in 2014, where I was able to assist several SMEs with sales, translation work, procedure development, and market research.

One of my most enjoyable projects was guiding tours. Between 2016 and 2022, I led multiple groups of Dutch and Belgian tourists on 17-day trips through the provinces of BC and Alberta. This job required versatility, knowledge, organization, creativity, and assertiveness, making it a perfect fit for my character.

This travel also provided me with the opportunity to take many photos, and I’ve compiled a large number of them on my website:

After 12 years in Canada, the itch to return home arose, and now I’m back in the Netherlands to help Dutch SMEs in ‘getting things done’!

Additionally, I enjoy providing tailor-made travel advice for individuals planning vacations in Western Canada. My approach: how to make the most out of your hard-earned vacation.

Travel advice for Canada

Due to my extensive travels in Canada, both from my personal experiences and as a tour guide, I know a lot about:

  • The most beautiful places you shouldn’t miss
  • The best times for wildlife spotting
  • How to avoid the standard tourist traps
  • That one turnoff that everyone passes by


I have enthusiastically served these clients in various roles:


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